Rachel Cohen, Executive Director, brings 30 years of corporate high-tech, entrepreneurial, non-profit and coaching experience to Wise Endeavors.  Her passion is cultivating value-based alignment in the personal and professional growth of individuals by elevating awareness of self and others. This vision extends to the heart of teams seeking organizational excellence through shared vision. Rachel holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley.

Robyn McCulloch, Chief Learning Officer, MS, PCC has led organizational transformation in communities and multi-national companies for well over three decades in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North, Central and South America. Her intercultural awareness as executive coach, trainer and business consultant utilizes embodied leadership practices, supported by interpersonal neurobiology underpinnings, to achieve sustainable change.

Renée Gregorio, Program Facilitator, PCC, supports accomplished professionals in fully claiming their authentic voice on the page and in their lives.  As a Presence-Based Coach and Master Somatic Coach, Renée assists clients in achieving a authority, presence, skill and courage in leading powerfully and aligning their deepest desires with taking action in the world.  Over decades she has led many transformative groups, supporting participants in opening up to their most daring expression in work and in life. Renée is a published poet, and a founder of Tres Chicas, a small publishing press in northern New Mexico. She holds a 3rd degree black belt in aikido.